do what you did before

i got this shirt in the mail the other day from my friend steve:

it was a birthday present and basically the coolest thing that happened to me all day. i’m only writing that because i know steve won’t read it. he’s devastatingly handsome so it is important to me that he not think of himself as too amazing.

otherwise, in case you are wondering what it is like to have me as a teacher, here is a diagram i drew on the board tuesday:

for some reason, my students had no idea what it meant. but that’s how genius is usually met at first. feel free to use this in any classroom setting. i was personally trying to illustrate time versus tense in a denis johnson story but i think it would probably work for any subject including the hard sciences and dance.

now i have to go to a poetry reading and probably miss the office. which might be okay because i am still on the fence about this whole adorable pam/jim thing. i just don’t know how long it will last and if they break-up and i’m too attached to the relationship, i might go into a self-induced coma. which would make it difficult for me to become world-renowned at something. which is sort of my ultimate goal.