live every week like it's shark week

so i was writing this story, the super emo one that i started the other night, and it was just so so sucky. i do that sometimes. write the worst stuff ever. not like sometimes i write stuff that is at all good but you know, there are certain grades of terrible. if i die, i’m telling you this now, all my stories are in a folder on my desktop called “hand in unlovable hand” and at least 90% of the things in there are so embarrassingly sophomore year of high school that i would never let another human being even see their titles. but when i die, if you want, because i’m dead and will no longer be able to feel that soul killing kind of embarrassment, you can read them. but never aloud. that will be too much even for a rotting corpse.

the point of this is that i then changed plans. on 30 rock tracy tells kenneth that he should live every week like it’s shark week. which reminded me that “shark week” has the most prefect hardcore sound (if any of my students are reading this: IT’S THE ‘K’ OBVIOUSLY! you think that shark week would sound so tough if the words ended in an ‘ee’ sound? or a ‘p’? or a ‘g’? no, clearly it wouldn’t). and so i decided what i really needed to do was write a story called “shark week.” it’s impossible to write an emo story called “shark week.” have you seen the great white on planet earth eat the seal? he jumps out of the water! completely! i want to write a story like that.

of course, it’s a different sucky story now but at least it doesn’t make me want to develop korsakoff’s amnesia.

other things that make me want to keep my brain intact for at least a few more months: i just watched the office online and it was hilarious. the pam/jim adorable romance thing still might be the end of my ability to watch the show but then again, ryan the temp’s new facial hair is blowing my mind and angela and the anger management guy? that could be genius.

also it’s raining outside and not stopping, which is a nice break from the god forsaken california sun.

hey it’s the weekend again. i washed my clothes yesterday and i think there was some weird bleach in the machine i used because i keep smelling bleach everywhere and then getting dizzy. strange. okay i have things to do. i have to dance to “sweet jane” at least three more times before i go to the bank.