it IS a party! every night!

usually the #27 bus is reliable and calm and free of disease. today however, the bus driver was in street clothes and i’m pretty sure that the two little boys sitting on the wheel well by the front door, one of whom was making out with the pole, with tongue, were her children. also an older crack head lost his pants while trying to exit. i’m not sure if he noticed. lucky for me, i saw the whole thing.

i saw the darjeeling limited today. i love wes anderson, you know that right? rushmore perfectly describes exactly what, of you are asking me, life should be like. and the royal tenenbaums is responsible for at least 4 major life decisions i made in 2001. so while i did like the darjeeling limited, i have to say, my life isn’t changed. the 3 main characters are completely alienating for some reason. maybe because they aren’t really that interesting. i mean they LOOK very cool and their luggage is awesome, but they aren’t well-thought out, crazy, individual characters like the characters in other wes anderson movies. i think maybe this is because instead of owen wilson, roman coppola and jason shwartzman co-wrote the script. the members of the coppola family, while strange-looking and good with bright colors, seem to think being rich is tragic enough that no other plot or character development is necessary (and i’m talking about marie antoinette right now if you are confused). i’ve seen some things about how this movie is racist. i’m not sure if i agree with that, though it is clear that the characters are passively racist, class-ist, sexist jerks. but they are cute. so there’s that. also, i hope some cigarette company gave wes anderson a LOT of money because EVERYONE in this movie is always smoking. i think this is kind of irresponsible of wes anderson actually. with margot tenenbaum, the smoking was an integral part of her character. these guys? not necessary at all. it’s hard enough to remind yourself every day that smoking kills you and makes you ugly and ruins your life, without seeing adrien brody and his sad blue eyes on the back of train wearing expensive clothes and looking perfectly healthy and cool, smoking a cigarette.

all that said, it was pretty good. i just expect more, is all.

tonight is the lit crawl. it’s a pub crawl with readings and it’s in my neighborhood. i have to go because this is my default community, “literary community.” which is why i came to san francisco, allegedly. i’m just so not into this whole belonging to groups thing. it’s a problem and i blame my parents because this must have something to do with being poorly socialized when i was toddler. if i was more into it, i could be doing readings of my own and i could have a whole group of friends that did things like go to halloween parties and share boyfriends. we might have camping trips. oh well. it might not be too bad. i just need to listen to kanye west for a little while to get in the mood.