[grace cathedral and me, yesterday afternoon]

i spent most of the afternoon assisting my roommate in hangover alleviation. if you’re wondering what kind of things i am good at, well i know how to treat a hangover. gatorade, a bagel, excedrin migraine, bring it on, the couch. i personally felt fine-ish. i went swimming in the morning after i finished season one of 30 rock. i seem to have made slightly better drinking decisions this saturday then last one, though i’m sure i talked an equal amount of crazy shit to anyone who would listen. which i do no matter where i am or what i’ve been drinking or what language everybody is speaking. so. it’s interesting living in this neighborhood. it’s like the perfect land for both hipster bars and drug dealers. the bars i was in last night were filled with people who look just like me except cuter. i had trouble caring about ANYTHING that was being read. and it was pretty fun to hangout with my friends and my roommate but ultimately it is so expensive to hangout in bars. you never make any real friends in bars. you get tempted to do things you will regret, specifically tequila shots. ask my roommate. i know this is a discovery i will have to make about infinity more times but i think i would be in a much better state if i stayed away from bars altogether and spent more time trying to get over being scared of my bike or studying for my grammar quiz.

though it is nice to talk to people out in the world.

i think i am going to be a dinosaur for halloween. i need some green pants and some face paint, otherwise i’m set. though i don’t have anywhere to go. i need a disco ball for my room to sit under sadly. maybe i can get some melty candy and reprise my birthday.

guess what. i’m going to mexico in a month and a day. everything is going to be great in mexico.