where's the air?

somehow a mysterious music library just showed up on my itunes. it has tanya tucker. i think it’s a portal to dimension x. i know it doesn’t belong to any of my roommates. holy shit. they have free to be you and me. seriously. dimension x. who in this building has such amazing taste in music? who else lives in this building? maybe there are squatters with a mac down in our abandoned laundromat. rem! i love rem! i totally forgot about them! which reminds me of: last night i talked to my friend sierra on the phone for like an hour. she’s been living in mexico for freaking ever now and so i never see her and then every once in awhile i will talk to her on the phone and be like, wow, sierra is so smart and hilarious and nice, how come i don’t talk to her more? oh yah, because she’s in mexico. last week i had three separate people i would consider very good friends all in mexico at one time. one was in mazatlan, one in cabo and one in mexico city. why do you care? i don’t know. dimension x has ” harper valley pta.” as you can see, today was a pretty low-key day. i’m miraculously getting an ‘a’ in drawing and i have a grammar quiz wednesday that i am quite unprepared for. plus tomorrow is tuesday, which can’t be good. but i’m feeling optimistic. it’s chemical. i went swimming after school. i drew a picture of my water bottle and today i got paid. otherwise, i am going to bed.