but i get the job done

the class i ta for was canceled today. i hung out with my roommate when i came home and we ended up going to the best ice cream place ever and sharing a sundae that had: mint chocolate chip ice cream, brownies, raspberries, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and whipped cream. it was one of the best ideas we ever had.

saturday i am doing a reading with this same roommate and all his california college of the arts friends. this this the announcement:

The Mission Arts & Performance Project and Aardvark present

What the Hell is Algebra?
*readings and performances*

This Saturday, October 20th

@ Phil’s Coffee Shop
24th St & Folsom in SF


Marissa Bell Toffoli
Aneesa Davenport
Adam Moskowitz
Melissa Lozano
Milta Ortiz
Beto Paloma
Christina Continelli
Della Watson
Jessica Wickens
Elizabeth Terrazas
Myron Michael Hardy
Megan Taylor
Mike Williams

About The Mission Arts & Performance Project
The Mission Arts & Performance Project is a bi-monthly collaboration between visual artists, musicians, poets and performers. The MAPP puts art and performance on the street level by using alternative spaces such as private garages, basements and studios. It’s a block party of the arts for inspiring in ourselves, and others, the desire for a creative existence, an ever widening experience of life.

i’m not on the list because i am a last minute addition. it would be easy to add myself to the list for your purposes but i can’t make myself do it. i’m supposed to read something about math. i think i might read this novel in 3 pages i wrote last semester. the main character is a mathematician. or i was thinking about writing a new thing about ms. griffin from western view middle school. mainly about her ferrets. but i could put in something about getting sent to the hall for asking to borrow a pencil for math class.

anyway, people around, you should come! i’ll probably embarrass myself but that’s what it’s all about right? the reading is long but it’s also really close to my house. if that helps.

i admitted today in my creative non-fiction class that i still like dave eggers and dave matthews. i will never have friends in san francisco. i might as well go back to wearing the dolphins hat every day.