not everyone can live like millionaires

the second half of the third season of entourage is out. if you’ve been lying face down on your floor for the past few weeks. i sort of love entourage because it is hbo, so it looks good and sounds realistic and has a lot of attractive people smoking weed but it is also the hills and therefore very dramatic and with rich people.

plus it doesn’t make me want to cry for two days like six feet under or start shooting drugs into my veins like oz.

though i like those shows more. and the wire too. i like fully experiencing sadness and despair and the horrible unfairness of the world. i think it’s the only way to ever be happy.

i saw this today, which i think is just really inspiring:

you know, even homeless crack heads can have property. and that’s the american dream, right?

a couple days ago i saw this, which was also inspiring:

if you go in that door, you can have a three-way. how does that make you feel? if you didn’t say awesome then you are wrong.

i bet you are wondering what i am doing tonight! well, i’ll tell you! i’m working at a poetry reading!

i ate a hot dog for lunch and then went and watched the sequel to elizabeth. i loved the first movie. the whole doomed-love thing with joseph fiennes was so perfectly tragic. that’s the kind of love story i can get behind. the second one wasn’t as great sadly. the real elizabeth was just tough. to humanize her i think you have to do better then making her whiny and manipulative. she’s cool. deal with it.

okay. i’m going to pretend for fifteen minutes that i care what i am wearing to the reading. maybe a sweater?