life's a campaign

i saw chris matthews tonight IN PERSON. he was leaving the unitarian center after giving a talk about his new book and we walked out of the building at the same time! he was on the daily show not too long ago promoting THAT VERY SAME BOOK. i didn’t actually see him talk because i was on the other team, working a poetry reading, but afterwards i went to get a picture with this cardboard thing and his assistants gave it to me! they must think i am the biggest chris matthews fan ever! the whole mission must think that because i walked home with it under my arm! here we are, together at the bus stop:

in other news, this is my sweet musician friend birch:

he’s the suave looking white bass player. if you want to make-out with him and you live in the seattle area, let me know. i’ll do my best to get you an introduction, but he’s a very popular and talented man.