turns out, according to wikipedia, that chris matthews is some sort of democrat. he served in the peace corps. he worked for jimmy carter. meaning i guess i should admit i know nothing about him except that he’s on hardball and i’ve never watched hardball. though i’ve seen him on the daily show acting like a complete douche bag so he probably is one, right? it’s not like i’ve been making fun of the dalai lama for two days. his fans probably ARE republicans.

still, does anyone want a chris matthews cardboard book cover? i’m serious. his weird arian face with make-up and a hair piece in front of an american flag, staring at me all day while i try to do work is disconcerting. i’m sorry i thought you were on fox, chris matthews! i’m sorry i thought you were a republican! but you sort of seem like one! your show is called hardball for goodness sakes!

anyway, yesterday afternoon my friend amira and i went on a bike ride through golden gate park, down to the beach and up to the sutro baths. we talked about boys a lot and also mermaids and the weather was strange and warm and misty and then it started raining. which was actually nice. even though i couldn’t see anything out of my glasses. afterwards we drank some tea and ate salad she made. it was altogether a very good time. then i rode home, which isn’t far at all, and it was still raining and dark and i was on valencia street and some hipster dude with a faux hawk must not have had his glasses on because he started commiserating with me about the people who kept parking in the bike lane. i just smiled and nodded and giggled like it was the greatest day of my life and then he rode off. it was beautiful. like i really belonged in san francisco. of course, if it was light out and he could have better judged my outfit and my bike, he would have pulled right into ritual and complained to 5 of his friends about the ugly stupid tourist riding her bike on valencia like she just got her training wheels off. oh i know what they say. i once stood next to a whole crowd of bike messengers for like 8 minutes while they watched people ride by. believe me, it may not be very articulate but they are judging you. that day was the only day since september 8th that i was glad my bike was a mangled mess lying on my floor back home.

but i have things to do today, besides talk shit about chris matthews and mission hipsters. for example, i’m doing this reading tonight (at 24th and folsom,if you live in san francisco YOU SHOULD COME) and i need to practice. also, i have been not doing homework for 2 to 3 weeks and now i really need to do some. and i also want to eat breakfast. okay. good day.