1. i went into birite on my way home from school and the server gave me some free chocolate ice cream because it was too soft to serve. i thought this was a good omen. i don’t even believe in omens. anyway, it wasn’t.

2. i came home and saw this thing i wrote and submitted recently was rejected by a cruel website that will be sorry when i am big.

3. i hate being rejected but you know what, it happens all the freaking time.

4. my printer is out of black ink even though i just bought it like two months ago. i’ve been told that is because it came with a “starter cartridge.” man if only ralph nader were president i wouldn’t have to deal with this shit.

5. i just printed off my weak grammar essay in olive green.

6. last year there was a girl i went to high school with living a few blocks away. sometimes we would hang out but now she lives in san diego. i wish she hadn’t moved away.

7. i hope she isn’t getting burned up right now by fires.

8. jessie is coming into town tomorrow, which is nuts. the good kind of nuts. i want to finish all my homework so we can be crazy and cooler than everyone else all weekend.

9. i just remembered i have two other little essays due tomorrow for drawing and a phone interview at 9:30 am. seriously. the week of october 22 needs to cool its freaking jets for a second.

10. i haven’t washed my hair in i don’t know how long. i need a haircut. where can a person get a haircut in san francisco anyway?

11. ten is too obvious a number to end a list on. goodnight.