i kissed his feet and broke his knees

here’s what i think is sort of exciting news: yesterday i saw richard dreyfus on an escalator in the mall. nobody else seemed excited. jessie, who is visiting, acted like she sees aging oscar-winning actors on escalators all the time. and she lives in seattle.

it was enough to keep me excited for at least two hours.

after the dreyfus sighting, jessie and i went to this insanely nice vegetarian restaurant down on the piers at fort mason. first of all, i never even knew there was anything down there. second of all, i don’t think i have ever gone to such a fancy restaurant without someone over the age of forty. but that’s jessie for you. the classiest.

today we have a plan to ride to tiburon. jessie is going to borrow my roommate’s bike. it’s kind of overcast and she’s still asleep but if she’s still down, this will be my first trip back since i was hit over there in september. i feel better going with someone else i think. that way, if it happens again, i won’t be alone in the ambulance. i think i am going to start calling ambulances “ambos.” that’s what they are called in the corner, which is this book about drugs in baltimore that i’ve been slowly reading since the day i got hit. you know what’s bad? drugs in baltimore.

drugs are bad in san francisco too. on wednesday night, after a long tough day of getting my grammar quiz back with the distressing grade of a ‘b’ (partially due to the fact that i FORGOT TO ANSWER THE FIRST QUESTION), jessie and our friend jim and i went to this hipster bar a couple blocks away from my house and at around midnight a kid in braces started yelling, “we have weed in the corner! and beer!” we didn’t have the heart to tell him that it was a bar and everyone had beer. or to tell him that everyone seemed to be smoking weed too. he tried to get jessie to be his girlfriend but jim told him she was a violent prostitute named angela who had shanked him many times. the guy with braces would not be deterred. he had weed! he couldn’t understand why she wasn’t interested!

anyway, i think i better wake jessie up so we can start our bay area odyssey. i always wake people up when they stay with me. you should still come, but you should know what you are getting yourself into.