a rubbernecker's dream

i had sort of an epic weekend. actually, i’ve had sort of an epic last couple of months. but i’m really tired right now and i don’t think i can accurately describe how i ended up off burnside last night in portland, oregon, dressed-up as a dinosaur wrestling my high school boyfriend who was wearing a hare krishna robe and a v-neck shirt, which he swears is really cool now, on the sidewalk. it’s all related to other things including: the shins, american foreign policy, pabst blue ribbon, sayulita, fireworks, my grandpa bishop, the new york times and the x-men movies. at some point i might write about it all, using a lot of details. but for now, here are some things i’ve learned so far as a 25-year-old:

1. hanson’s mmmbop is world’s worst karoke song.
2. seriously, don’t ever try it.
3. i love my friends from high school but i think it might be essential for our continued friendships that we all forget we went to high school together.
4. or else i will not be able to go to portland anymore.
5. or anywhere else above redding and below edmonds.
6. because it’s been awhile since i cried through calculus class or was asked to wear a fancy dress and ride on the back of a truck for the homecoming parade.
7. i’m doing other stuff now and i’m pretty glad about that.
8. you should always spend a little time thinking before you buy a plane ticket.
9. i would rather remove myself from an unpleasant situation than deal with it because i am a huge wuss.
10. but hopefully by the time i am 26 i will be a little harder core.
11. i need to do laundry more than once every three weeks.
12. or else i need to buy some more underwear.

and here are some pictures: