i made this video today. it took me a very long time and then i tried to add music and imovie crashed and i lost mostly the whole thing. all that was saved were some clips, which i rearranged as best as i could. still i couldn’t add music. now i can’t find any way to post it on the internet. it’s 9:55 pm. children are shrieking outside my window. i have been working on this since 5:30. it is about the most unnecessary thing i have spent this much time on in awhile. why won’t youtube recognize my movie? shortly, my computer will be getting kicked in the face. anyway, it was about my trip to the aquarium today with my friend mako. it was a fun time, the only problem being that i left my bike helmet (but not my bike because i brought my bike inside to save it from crack head robbers) on howard street for a couple hours and guess what, somebody took it. my new $80 helmet. what do you think a crack head can get for a helmet? $4? a bike helmet? seriously. i’m an idiot. for the fourth time in a week someone could have heard me say: i need a life coach. badly.

but at least the aquarium was cool.

this is a chambered nautilus. mako really likes these:

and this is a token video clip since i can’t get my actual opus to play. i don’t even know what this is:

in other news: there is an election on tuesday. in the race for mayor i can vote for: a nudist activist, a florist/coffee farmer, a vegan taxicab driver, a college professor, a juvenile probation manager, a nightclub owner (owner of the power exchange, actually so maybe he should call himself a “swingers sex nightclub owner”), a “showman” who goes by chicken john, a physician, a journalist and of course, the mayor of san francisco. luckily for everyone, i only vote for the hottest candidate. so mayor gavin newsom, you have my vote. and my heart. xoxo. call me any time.