i feed myself

last night i came up with this plan to watch good will hunting and drink beer so i went to blockbuster and the sweet soma beer store. but then amira reminded me she was going to a show at 12 galaxies and i figured that was a better idea.

it was.

you know what i am beginning to realize? san francisco is hella tight. you can say that here in san francisco. like last night someone was projecting this on the building across from 12 galaxies (photography by amira):

and inside they were selling bottles of miller high life which meant i got to make obnoxious references to “the champagne of beers” all night long. the band, the dodos, was pretty awesome too, really awesome, even though most of the hipster crowd wasn’t dancing. but we were dancing and so was amira’s cool friend who was there too. yes, it was a pretty dang good time and it was basically on my street. i live in the best neighborhood around. which is all thanks to deirdre who got this place for me. i’m all about hyperlinks today. deal with it.

this morning i watched good will hunting with my roommate adam. turns out it isn’t as good as i once believed it to be. which is a realization that we all had to come to at some point. i mean the ben affleck/matt damon boston down and out fantasy is still adorable. so is their graduate school fantasy. and i think casey affleck may be a comic genius. or some kind of genius. but it is a pretty juvenile movie. and i’m an adult now, okay?

after the movie and a nice phone conversation with my friend erica, who is currently in uruguay on one leg of her before-she-becomes-a-lawyer-in-london world tour, adam and i went on a bike ride around town. it was raining but we decided that would make the whole thing cooler. and we were right. we rode all over, to japantown and then pacific heights to look at mansions, through the presidio and the marina and nob hill. we were soaked by the time we got back. so soaked i don’t know if my shoes will be dry enough to go to mexico. but it was so nice to ride through basically warm rain and look at the city. i thought i would never like this place but for some reason now i don’t want to leave for a hundred years. i used to hate all the people but now i really like a good number of them and the other ones just seem sort of interesting, not evil. and it’s a beautiful place and the weather is ridiculous. it’s never cold! i mean never REALLY cold. and there are so many things to do and see. and it is weirdly liberating to be away from all the people i’ve known forever in oregon and washington. because even though i love them, i have been hanging out with the same people since i was 7. or at the oldest, 14. there isn’t much room for change in their perception of me or mine of them. but i really am different than i was when i was 7 and when i was 14. and so i like being here, where people don’t presume to know everything about me, around people who are doing things i want to do and caring about things i care about. which all sounds a little bit cheesy so i think i’ll stop.

i’m starting a new thing. flash mob readings where everything has to be funny or sad or really really dirty. i mean people better be laughing, sobbing or awkwardly avoiding eye contact. you are going to want to get involved with this. it might not have to be a flash mob thing. though a flash mob would be pretty sweet.