grape flavored

you know what i love? veteran’s day. thanks veterans! for giving me a day off right before i have a week off! exactly what i need. a five day weekend. more time to play chain factor. [dear mark– thanks for ruining my life by telling me about this freaking game by the way.]

you know another thing i love? eminem. he embodies everything art should be. i’m not even kidding. if i could be like anyone in my writing i would pick marshall fucking mathers. i’m trying to swear more, instead of less. i think i need to set goals that are achievable. i want to be the kind of person who can say “cock sucker” without laughing or having someone laugh at me. this is what happens when you listen to dr. dre and try to write shit. everything is an experiment.

tonight i went and was an extra in a movie the guy who subletted my room this summer is directing. i think he wrote it too. he’s a very talented guy. i was supposed to be pretending i was at a meeting of some renters’ rights organization or something. i got a free shirt. when i’m famous, maybe i’ll give you a call or something. the movie is clearly going to be amazing.

tomorrow i am meeting up with the kid who promised me a hyphy cd to get the hyphy cd he promised me. who even knows what that means? i will, tomorrow. the next day, allegedly, good old peter please is coming through town on his way back from an epic mexican adventure. the day after THAT, i am starting my own, smaller scale, more family oriented, epic mexican adventure. what i’m saying is, the future looks bright. which can only mean disaster is on the horizon. i’ll let you know what happens.

oh, ps, in case you haven’t thought about it in twenty minutes: my bike is really really fast.