not genius

last night after the class i ta for the teacher and i got a few beers, which we usually do. it was fun but, seeing as the class is from 4 to 7, i didn’t exactly have dinner before hand. really i only had like one and a half pints and i was feeling pretty great. but then it turned out that i missed the bus i wanted so i decided to take the school shuttle to the daly city bart and get home from there. good idea but as i was running to catch the shuttle, my boss appeared and i ended up riding with him to the bart station, making him miss his train while i looked for my ticket and then getting locked into a car with him for like ten minutes and having a laughing/freak out attack. it wasn’t like i was drunk, just a little tipsy, and i don’t have any idea what he thought my deal was or if he thought i had a deal at all. usually he gives me looks like i am a complete nutcase anyway. but man, when those bart doors closed and the train just sat there as another train rolled by, i seriously wanted to cry. how did my decisions lead up to that? where did i go wrong? if only the campus bar hadn’t been out of jalapeno poppers, i would have eaten something. if only they had still had pbr, i would have only drank one beer. if only the teacher hadn’t offered to buy, i would have only drank half a beer. if only i hadn’t missed the bus, i wouldn’t have gone to daly city.

oh well. the past is over. i’m going to mexico tomorrow. i’m leaving my house at 4 am. now i have to go eat breakfast.