my fabulous life of leisure

so here i am in in puerto vallarta for, INSANELY, the second time in one year (i´m going to be sorry to see 2007 go, i´m telling you; it´s been a pretty seriously awesome time.) the weather is, as you might imagine, disgustingly beautiful, and the ocean and the pool are crazy warm. otherwise there isn´t much to report. i spent the whole day on thursday in various air planes and ports but it wasn´t so bad because i stayed up almost all night wednesday night and was therefore able to sleep all day long. since i´ve been here, i´ve just been swimming in the pool with my cousin´s kids and eating delicious food and hanging out with my cousin and parents and aunt and uncle and, obviously, the kids. i just played a serious game of uno. i think later we are going to a beach. my cousin ethan is showing up today with his girlfriend and then tuesday my brother comes and then wednesday another cousin ahren. it´s ridiculous. i didn´t even bring a book. the only unperfect thing is my mom was sick all day yesterday. but this morning my parents went birdwatching so i´m going to assume she is better.

well, i better head back in case it is lunch time. i have a responsibilty to eat as much food as possible before i go go home to poverty. email me if you need any bracelets with your name on them.