are you a mexi-can or a mexi-cant?

okay first of all the punctuation on this computer is completely alluding me. so dont expect anything fancy like an apostrophe or a comma. here in mexico we roll without that stuff.

second i have about three seconds left of my free ten minutes of internet. but i wanted to point out a few of the differences between this trip and my last mexico adventure.

1. i am much less hung over.
2. last time no one tried to pay me two hundred dollars and a free cruise to go look at a time share. this time thats all they want. at least from my parents. though im in talks with my cousin ethan about dressing like adults to go see if we can get two hundred dollars. i want to see the time shares anyway. we both look pretty much homeless but im sure he could borrow a shirt from his dad and someone could give me make up. two hundred dollars! thats a small price to pay for two hours of my life in a time share presentation right?
3. pre-thanksgiving is gay high season. which is way better than post-thanksgiving frat boy high season because it means dudes making out on the street instead of puking on the street. though i havent been to senor frogs yet so who knows?

okay ill be back in the land of proper punctuation before too long. but now there is an ocean to swim in. and a pool.