just before we killed the indians

my parents and my cousin erica and her husband and their four kids are leaving mexico today, which means it will become exponentially harder for me to avoid the spring break day my cousin ethan´s girlfriend keeps trying to get us to have. last night she convinced someone to take a baby into señor frogs. this girl isn´t messing around.

otherwise my family has been celebrating the holiday in various ways. on wednesday we had big party with turkey and the whole pv lions club. i guess my uncle is a lion. who knew. then wednesday some of us went snorkeling and fishing and boat riding. it was pretty awesome. and i am still magically not sunburned.

mainly we´ve been spending a lot of time at the pool. also there is a law and order marathon on the tv. i´m coming home late sunay, which is good because i am almost out of both money and contacts.

happy thanksgiving. the end.