leaving the palm tree scene

in about a half an hour i am catching a taxi out of this crazy place. it is true. i am finally leaving my marathon vacation for the colder but more comfortable daily vacation of san francisco. of course, before i get there i have to fly to mexico city AND dallas. but i am pretty sure that is what you get for buying tickets from a site called ¨cheapo tickets.¨ so what are you going to do?

this weekend is, by the way, ¨vallarta fever,¨ a very serious super gay dance extravaganza. i have not been wealthy enough or drunk enough to go. but the other night a female member of our party got kicked out of one of the clubs because of her gender and her dancing. so. it is an event quite serious about being gay.

okay people are waiting. only like 12 hours until i get all the internet all the time. unless my plane crashes. just kidding. that barely ever happens.