this isn't a pep rally. this is life.

my rash is spreading. i think maybe even to my face. if i wake up and my face is covered in mexican rash i don’t think i am going to school. does that mean i’m vain? it’s not like i am a beauty queen or anything. i just don’t want to leave the house if i look like a leper. or maybe i do. the girl i ta for told me i should make a shirt that says:”it’s not oral herpes.” she said that shirt could work for a lot of different occasions. it might be kind of interesting to see how people react to a shirt like that and a face covered in strange red bumps. though i think my art teacher might get freaked out. she usually hates people to leave for ANY REASON AT ALL and when i showed her my arm rash yesterday she practically shoved me out the door. so.

my ankles itch right now. the doctor said it would get worse before it got better.

i really don’t feel like doing the things i need to do right now. my room is a disaster. i have a tea cup sitting on my desk from before i left for mexico. i sort of want to go to sleep but my nightgown has a huge rip in the back. i could fix that. or i could wear something else. i ate a burrito for dinner because i haven’t gone to the store yet. i need to do laundry. i need to wrap the rest of my burrito in tin foil. i’m having trouble focusing. here is the beginning of a poem i discussed with my class today by bucky sinister called “the other universe of bruce wayne”:

there’s an alternate universe
in which bruce wayne is poor
and i have my shit together.

i mainly put that in for my cousin. you know what i’m talking about erica. and you are right about the female member of the party. and your pictures are awesome. i’m really into this one especially: