disco nap

has anyone else been watching the latest season of the real world? i mean, it’s a terrible show, i know that. and the cast gets more and more offensive each season. but this season? who found these people? they are some of the pettiest, nastiest, most terrible examples of americans around. the girls are all cliche examples of what is wrong with girls (so mean, so self-absorbed, so stupid) and the boys are all mildly abusive, patronizing, spineless losers. the only people i don’t abjectly hate are dunbar and parisa. dunbar because he is SO ridiculously out of control and insane at least he isn’t boring and parisa because the rest of the girls are such hypocritical racists that i am amazed by her ability to not murder them all in their sleep. what would happen then? who wouldn’t buy the dvd of real world sydney reunion: the murder trial. the writers’ strike is still on and christmas is just around the corner. all i’m saying is think about it.

in other reality tv news, seriously, what is more of a harbinger of the apocalypse than reality tv? and it’s getting worse. a shot at love with tila tequila makes the rock of love look reasonable. just kidding. nothing could make the rock of love look reasonable. reality tv and christmas commercials. december is going to be a rough month. god damn the writers’ strike! god damn jesus!

though you know what would be cool? if we all joined the writers and we went on strike until bush withdraws from iraq and issues an apology and is then put in prison and water-boarded for war crimes. can you torture as punishment or only when you want information? just kidding. i know rules are for terrorists.

but isn’t it kind of strange that people are all up in arms because the television writers aren’t going to write anymore anything? what if the novel writers went on strike? or the composers? or the pro bono lawyers? or the nurses? oh, that’s right. the nurses DID go on strike, right here, in like october. and nobody really cared.

i think it is dishonest of the guys who script reality tv to not go on strike too. you expect me to believe they didn’t have a casting call for spencer pratt? and that they aren’t telling him where to show up? and that they aren’t saying,”wait let’s do that take again. only this time say it creepier.”

i want these people to go on strike so i can be a scab. i could play around with people’s lives for money. call me up. i can start whenever.