go without

i think mexico rash virus is now making me feel sick. like it’s 8:45 and i want to go to sleep. but, like i was telling my friend nicole on gchat a second ago, if someone i like were to call me right this second and say, “come drink a beer with me,” i would say, “let me get dressed.” because i am not THAT sick.

if you want to check if i like you, call me right now and ask if i want to go out.

anyway, i’m stealing more pictures from my cousin. this is my other favorite. it’s me and her second youngest kid. i think it’s okay for the internet but if i start getting a lot of traffic from bad men, i’ll take it down. or erica, if you want me to, i will also take it down:

i’m sorry but if you think your kids are cute you clearly haven’t met my cousin’s kids. like this one right here. one day we were sitting by the pool and i told her she had something in her nose and then she said, “no YOUR nose.” so of course i said, “no YOUR nose.” at which point she took her finger and shoved it up my nose and said, “no YOUR nose.” i put my hand on my face and said, “you can’t do that. it hurts and you might give me a bloody nose.” and then when i took my hand away, my nose was dripping blood.

she owned me. and she is still one of the all-time cutest kids ever.

okay, no one is calling. it’s 9:08. i guess for tonight that means bedtime.