clasp your hands and make some weather

it’s cold in san francisco and my lips are chapped. by cold i mean somewhere around 50 degrees. i don’t even deserve to say i am from oregon. jeez louise. also i refuse to close my window because i like the fresh air. it looks like i have only one person to blame for my inability to undress in my bedroom. and her name is lizzy.

last night i did critical mass. even though i am still on the fence about mobs, i have to say it was less terrifying and more awesome than i expected. even though my brother accused me of “pretending to be a bike nazi” on the phone. which, who TRIES to be an anything nazi mikey? come one. the craziest part was riding down lombard (you know, the extra curving street they always show in movies and commercials set in san francisco) with a trillion people on bikes behind me, some on fixed gears skidding around the corners. and i use the number a trillion because i have no idea how many people there really were. more than hundreds maybe. i’m a bad estimator. blame mrs. winograd.

anyway, it was fun but who knows how effective? but okay, pretty fun. and then i went over and had dinner at amira’s house, which was also fun and i know for a fact effective. then today i went to the bike kitchen and worked on a DIFFERENT bike than the one i started thursday. i think that’s how it goes. there are a lot of opinions floating around about the feasibility of this or that and i need to just pick something and stick with it. like my sweet new handle bars. i’m sticking with them. my new bike is an old, white, french road bike. i’m sticking with that too. i’m going in wednesday night or thursday and i am going to be serious this time. not that i wasn’t serious today, i just spent like two hours cleaning the headset and then my friend jim showed up and i decided it was time to eat food instead of scrub metal with simple green. though i like scrubbing metal with simple green, don’t get me wrong.

and now i am pretty tired and my nose is still sort of running. i think i might put on my pajamas and this really warm sweater my mom knit me awhile back and try watching another episode of the sarah silverman program. i like sarah silverman but i think i might not like the persona she has picked for a tv show. it’s too stupid. the real sarah silverman is pretty genius. mikey and i were discussing this briefly, after he called me a wannabe genocidal bicyclist, and it seems like it might be a gender thing. like she HAS to have this ridiculous and simplified persona to be consumed by general america. i’m too tired to continue this thought. but i think you know where i am going. or maybe what i mean. whatever. my feet are cold.