your alarm is going off

[these are the two pictures i am thinking of using for my drawing class self-portrait.]

today my roommate adam and i road bikes downtown to watch margot at the wedding, which, if you live somewhere where people don’t care about books and interesting movies and things, is noah baumbach’s newest movie.

this next part is for wes anderson:

dear wes anderson,
how do you feel now that your old-time protegee is making better movies than you? does it hurt your heart that he still has some passion for movies as opposed to having only feelings for louis vuitton? because it’s hard for me. i love you, and noah baumbach is making you look like the guy who directed spider man 3. maybe you should go back and be his intern or his key grip or something. seriously man. you are making me cry.

back to everyone else:

i’m pretty into this movie. it didn’t blow my mind as hard as the squid and the whale but that could be because i already know that noah baumbach is the greatest dialogue writer of all-time so i’m not surprised at how perfectly everything comes out. and it didn’t change my whole outlook on life like kicking and screaming did but that is probably because i am no longer in middle school so things effect me less.

as my brother pointed out, noah baumbach has some issues with writers. i like his issues though. i have similar issues and i guess i sort of am a writer. and the acting in this one was, as usual, totally amazing. where does he find these kids? because they are perfect.

in other news: i just beat deirdre at scrabulous for the first time ever. usually she kills me. by a lot. because she is freaking amazing. but after i hit her with “roquet,” i was semi-unstoppable. now i’ve actually beat her twice. of course 2 out 12 is not exactly a winning record. more like a why-are-you-playing-so-much-online-scrabble? record. but still. she is a worthy opponent. and i am getting better. watch out. if we were a team fighting for america, let’s just say terrorism would be as dead as disco.

also: i wrote a new bio for my friend steve’s band’s website (not the one that is currently up) today instead of studying for grammar or working on my story. i need a new battery for my computer so i can remove it from my room and write elsewhere. we’ll see how he likes the write-up. i tried to sound professional, which is difficult but not TOO difficult. it’s good practice for life and it was actually kind of entertaining. so if you need any content for YOUR website, just call me and i’ll do it. especially if you pay me.

anyway, i’m still sick. but i also still love the soundtrack to once. who was it that didn’t like that movie? are you crazy? okay, i have some more scrabulous to play.