oh new york

i got mad about you on netflix for some reason. i missed a whole lot of television, basically from 1982 up until 2001, because my parents wanted their children to be culturally feral. or else not brain damaged. or something. i’m too busy watching television to really think about it. i need to catch up. so far, after the pilot, i’m kind of into mad about you. sure, it is another societal spotlight, pointing to my lack of hilarious, sweet, adorable, loving mate who makes me coffee in the mornings, but look, i don’t like coffee. and i don’t want to share my room. maybe i can get to episode 2 before i have to go to school. first i need to boil more water for my tea. see, i don’t need a man. okay, maybe i do. but only if he’s paul reiser in 1992.