you can still ruin my day

yesterday was like the worst. i had a really bad headache all day and didn’t get out of my pajamas, not even to go buy soup at the store down the street. i called in sick to the event i was supposed to work and felt like a jerk. but every time i stood up my head almost fell off. i cleaned the kitchen with simple green, the smell of which may in fact be my least favorite smell that i am still able to tolerate. and then i got devastated by a stupid email from some guy i don’t even know, who told me not to write about him anymore. it was lame i even cared. it was ridiculous that i took down the like two things i had written about him. but what’s done is done and next time, world, you won’t be so lucky. because if you have a wikipedia entry and preformed for the public in college, new rule is you are fair game. and seriously, if you make me feel like a kid getting yelled at by a stranger, i’m probably going to write mean stuff. which i NEVER did before about this guy. i mean, i barely wrote about him at all. but lucky for this dude, i took down almost every post i wrote yesterday about the situation. because i want to formulate it better. because it is a fucking good story which i do not have the perspective currently to write about without overusing using the words “douche bag” and “seriously?” but believe me, no one can stop me from telling such a nutso story, at some point.

other thing about yesterday: it proved internet dating sites are evil, even if you are only logged on to answer funny questions.

for the rest of the day i’m removing myself from the internet. only exercise and drawing from here on out.