back when i knew everything, even better

so i was looking for a picture of myself on the internet just now and i found this article i wrote for the school paper long, long ago. i was a senior when i wrote this and i almost burned down the piolog office (and therefore the whole student union) because the editor published it in the print version with a subtitle that said something like “beware, this is satire.”

i was so mad.

that’s the thing about newspaper writing: i always ended up so freaking mad at the changes editors were always making. except for sierra of course. sierra was an amazing editor and if she ever started up a magazine, i would write articles for her everyday, on whatever topic she wanted.

you can see we are a good team. here is an article we collaborated on about our awesome soccer team.

this piolog archive, i’m telling you. i’m the worst journalist ever. all i want is a column where i can just say what i think about random things all day long. one more example: my most controversial piece, even less appreciated than the pro-slavery thing.

i bet more people read this blog than read that newspaper. which also made me angry at the time, the lack of readership. i put a lot of effort into offending the student body.

i’m on like my sixth cup of green tea. i just can’t figure out when i am supposed to say when. it tastes so good. but i think i can feel it starting to seep out of my eyes.

god i have to go to the bathroom really badly. i’ll leave you with my review of i spy and this question: why did i go see i spy?