they set us on fire


my brother’s soccer team won their division championship in portland but he got ejected from the game like 20 minutes in. he sort of has an attitude problem, at least when it comes to referees and tapping on walls.

i went to clare marie’s ice cream birthday party and ate WAY too much birite salted caramel with whipped cream and hot fudge sauce.

adam and i ate at jim’s restaurant and kicked ourselves about 50 times for not discovering it earlier. imagine a diner, straight out of yakima, washington, with booths and friendly waitresses and $4.70 for a cheeseburger and fries for breakfast, on mission street. we are going to become regulars. it’s going to be my new office. just watch it happen.

i decided i was wrong. mad about you is a terrible show. sorry paul. i can’t stand the sight of your face.

i sat outside atlas cafe, with adam again (really, who ever had such a cool roommate?) and watched our specific neighborhood hipsters, the mildly attractive, homeless-ish, drunk, skater, biker, dog owners smoking cigarettes, and decided that east of harrison needs a name to differentiate it from the rest of the inner mission. a name like eaha. i know. i just blew your mind.

now i have homework to do. classes end in a week. seriously.