kill without a care

today was basically a complete waste. i watched a lot of internet tv. now i am heading to a dinner party. i really don’t have any appropriate clothes to wear to a dinner party. i wouldn’t even know how to begin to buy appropriate clothes for a dinner party. last night i went to a reading in the mission. as far as readings go, it was pretty great. short. and concrete enough for me. one of the readers was my awesome teacher, toni. she’s about as great as teachers come and also is from the pacific northwest. you know how i feel about that. then i went to this bar on my street with a bunch of creative writer-types and hung out with them for a long time, talking too much i’m sure and saying things like, “i don’t consider myself a writer; i consider myself man writing.” this is what happens when you hang out with creative writers. this is why, as i also told them, i like hanging out with political science majors.

this is true. i have many friends who are into political science.

it’s cold out and i am supposed to buy vodka for this party. i’ve been experimenting with no bus pass for the month. the experiment is a failure. next month i am definitely getting a bus pass.