pretty boys with skinny ties

i used to think everyone was sort of a function of me; now i’m discovering everyone is in fact autonomous. i don’t know how i feel about this but i think it might be just another part of growing up.

this is a crappy cellphone picture of my new bike i am building:

it is difficult here to see how truly magnificent it is. that front wheel is from my other deceased bike. the handle bars are new. so are the blue grips. next week i am going to put on this brown seat and fix the breaks up and then i am getting close to done. i just need to find pedals and a tire. no freaking sweat.

yesterday morning i went swimming and then walked with adam to whole foods. i decided it was no big deal to go on that kind of mission with my hand polka dotted tight sweat pants because, who could i possibly see? well, first a poet guy who used to have my job at the poetry center and then one of those insanely cool-types from lewis & clark who i didn’t even know lived here, walking through my neighborhood. this guy i once put on my top ten sexiest musicians of all time list for the telegraph. though to be fair i also put my uncle on that list. it was strange is all i’m saying.

then around six my new friend roop called and said we should go get a quick drink. one thing lead to a lot of dollars in the juke box (not mine, obviously) and i didn’t end up coming home until like three am. it was a little ridiculous. i felt like i was in a movie, especially the part when i was wearing his aviator hat and sunglasses and playing his harmonica while he sang pop songs and my other new friend marisa sat in the back seat and we drove around the mission looking for a parking spot. and when we ended up in this mexican restaurant decorated like an italian bistro in the outer mission in the middle of the night. it was pretty entertaining, though after such productivity yesterday, today was another complete waste. well i ate a burrito so not a COMPLETE waste. and in a few minutes i am going to ride my bike over to my OTHER new friend michael’s house for ANOTHER creative writing party. seriously. i have like one zillion new friends. i’m not sure how it happened. but i need to wash the dishes.