the inevitable

to celebrate the last official day of classes, i took my bike to school on the bart and then rode it the whole way home. it was a long ride, at least an hour, but very nice. there were some long uphills, especially since at some point i ditched my plan of riding along the beach, but i think i’m getting to sort of like hills. i like the tops of hills anyway, and breathing hard. so i might be reversing my opinion on the hills themselves. though i will probably always like going down hills the best. especially long wide hills without too many cars. they reminds me of some very awesome ski runs from back in high school. the backside of mount bachelor, specifically, on a sunny day. i really miss skiing when i spend any time thinking about it.

i stopped on the way back for dinner at the burger joint in the lower haight. i love cheeseburgers. deal with it. plus i sat outside with my bike. i’m still a little nervous about leaving my bike unattended for too long. like right now it is sitting right next to me, upside down on the floor. i keep meaning to get a stud finder so i can screw a bike hook to the wall. but i also keep meaning to call the hospital about my bills and pick up the clothes on my floor and lift weights and finish my write-up for steve’s website. so as you can see, there are things to be done.

i have a grammar final on friday. good thing the subject is sentences and not paragraphs. my paragraphs are pretty much nonsense. but i’m okay with that.

i went to a party on friday for a little while and wrote my will. it was a will writing party. i left most of my stuff to my brother but i left almost all my jewelry to my cousin’s oldest daughter and then i felt guilty so i left my skateboard to her second oldest daughter. i wonder if this will cause problems. i mean, will lila not like the skateboard? then of course i had to give the two babies things too. so i left the littlest girl my stuffed gorilla. and i barely had anything else of worth so i left the baby boy my desk. just in case i become famous. if my brother gets my collected writings into the right hands.

i don’t know what that has to do with anything except, if i die, i do have a will. it’s in the box my grandpa bishop gave me, under my desk. and i think it’s legal binding so you better do what it says.

but don’t worry, i’m not going to die. not until lila is older anyway, and i have discussed skateboarding with her. and not until i am rich enough so upon my death jade can go back to italy AND i can rebuild all the adders at camp cleawox.

what i’m saying is: i plan on living forever.