i went to a strangely stressful study session today at school for my grammar class. these english grad students. they are sort of uptight.

i also swam laps. the guy in the lane next to me would swim for like ten yards and then walk the rest of the lap and then sit in the corner of the shallow end and talk to himself. this is what i like about my pool. there is no pressure.

the other thing i did was go to jim’s restaurant for a couple hours and sit in a booth and make grammar flash cards. i love that place. they were playing christmas music, which is okay now that it’s really almost christmas, and the waitresses refilled the hot water for my tea like three or four times.

as you can see, it has been one of those titillating san francisco days. topped off by two one dollar beers at what is quickly becoming number one place to hang out, pop’s, with my friend roop.

you wish you lived here. i know it. i can see it in your eyes.