growl like a bear

i got these cookies today in the mail from my grandma:

they are one of two varieties of cookies i would call “grandpa cookies.” my grandpa bishop, who died a couple years ago, loved cookies. and all kinds of sweet things actually. one time i remember getting to their house in eugene, some time at night, when i was a pretty young kid and i knew it was passed my bedtime, and my grandpa gave me a coke and some grandpa cookies (the other kind, those chocolate covered keebler cookies) for a snack. my mind was completely blown.

i know i am a pretty lucky kid. i still have three of my grandparents alive. and before my grandpa died i was working at girl scout camp on the oregon coast so i got to hang out with him a lot on the weekends. plus i have a step grandma. and i even knew one of my great grandmas; she died when i was 8.

two of my grandparents are hip enough to read this blog. maybe they are reading this very sentence.

i may in fact be the luckiest girl alive.

anyway, these cookies are like ritz crackers, creamy peanut butter and chocolate. yes. very delicious. they are some of the greatest cookies of all time.

sometimes i might get a little carried away with hyperbole. oh well.

once again i am not studying grammar. but i need to!

oh but one other thing: i was at the sports basement today and i ran into this guy joe, who played soccer with me in portland and lived in the apartment i used to live in, that my brother lives in now. who runs into as many people as i do? because it seems like someone is always getting run into by me. it’s weird.