rebel jesus

in case you are wondering: yes in fact i AM listening to christmas music and waiting for the wrapping paper i just invented from newsprint and paint to dry. there ARE candles lit in my room. and i don’t really care when or even IF jesus was born. i am, however, NOT a terrorist.

today, i’m pretty sure, i took my grammar test out behind the shed and shot it, execution-style, right between the eyes. i think i did okay, is what i’m saying.

also i saw dave eggers at 826 valencia. his store, i know, but i’ve been there plenty of times and i’ve never seen HIM there, milling around like an average dude.

clearly, it was a christmas miracle.

also, on my way to my grammar final, i ran into this guy i took a class with last year at the church street muni station. i run into this guy a lot. so far: on the ferry from angel island, on valencia street, last night at a bus stop in the lower haight, and now, at the church street muni station. i think he thinks i am a creepy stalker or something. but i’m not! like i said yesterday: i just run into people more than other people. i ran into people i knew in scotland and in england when i was there awhile back. people that i didn’t even know weren’t in oregon anymore. people i hadn’t seen for years.

this obviously goes beyond miracle.

hey it looks like my wrapping paper is dry.