i'm paraphrasing myself here

today i watched the noah baumbach kicking and screaming again with my brother. i’m sure i’ve said this before but i think watching that as a 7th grader changed my life, without me noticing. it created the terms i think of college and graduating from college in. this is why it is a good idea to give your kids good books to read and good movies to watch. it doesn’t matter the crap i watch or read now. my neurons have stopped connecting. or whatever they do.

for example. i read less than zero by bret easton ellis today. well i started it yesterday but finished it today. there is some connection to me with bret easton ellis and noah baumbach. maybe because eric stoltz, who plays the genius 10th year undergraduate in kicking and screaming, plays an assistant professor or something in the movie version of rules of attraction, the book of which was written of course by bret easton ellis. the two guys are about as different as as you can possibly be while still being insanely wealthy white boy writers. because bret easton ellis is probably a sociopath and noah baumbach is pretty emo. though i love him and all of his movies so far. i mean emo in the best sense. and with bret easton ellis i have to say the only thing of his i loved was american psycho. which is one of the craziest books of all time. the only book i would ever forbid my children from reading until they are old enough to leave home. the only book i don’t think i could have handled as a kid, at the height of my reading adult novels.

the point of this being, i am currently what i consider too old to seriously internalize less than zero or rules of attraction. but i will meet different versions of eric stoltz paraphrasing himself until the day i die. which is a good way for things to be, i think.

christmas was nice. i woke my brother up early-ish, just like he told me not to, just like i have done since he turned into a teenager. though this year i came up with a new way to irritate him: i started talking about “santa kisses,” a new phenomenon that involves santa clause sneaking into your room and kissing you on christmas eve. for some reason when i just say the words “santa kisses,” he flips out. sometimes, i am so so glad i am the older sister.

i think mikey enjoyed his “hecho en mexico” shirt i found him on mission street. especially since it is made in pakistan. and my mom seemed genuinely pleased by the tube of anchovy paste i bought her. and my dad also seemed to like the book i found for him at 826 valencia called something like how to tell the difference between the birds and the flowers. as we say in my family every year: it was a tight christmas.

anyway, none of us are christians. but yes, it was fun.

i’ve decided i’m not coming to portland until i get a ride down with pete on the 3rd. currently i am trying to convince him to bring his fuzzy animal costume over here to pa (he’s in seattle) for THE BEST NEW YEAR’S EVER.

now i have to go to bed. here is another mexico picture, if you were missing gazing upon the most beautiful women in the world: