epoxy and a pair of pliers

so i just read through last year’s collaborative list with jessie of things that made us want to puke in 2006. maybe it is the prolonged exposure to sunlight or the eating more locally grown food, but i don’t really feel nauseous when i think about 2007. heck, i don’t think i did any puking at all this year; maybe that’s why i feel so good. of course, there are still a lot of crap things going on. yellow alert and global warming are joined by cancer this year as top problems. seriously. cancer needs to lay the fuck off. message to cancer: we are sick of your stupid face. but beyond these big issues, which i like to group together as the thundering hooves of the approaching apocalypse, i’ve had a pretty decent year.

yes i know i was hit by a car. twice. it could also be brain damage that is making me feel irrationally good. i personally think this is the only acceptable form of brain damage.

anyway, in line with the positive story of my ranger friend’s successful search and rescue mission today, the day before he retires (it was picked up by cnn! but i can only find this news story from this morning which doesn’t mention: the dude is okay!), i figured i would make a list of things that made me glad the end of times didn’t come in 2007:

buying/owning cds again. the new shins, the waterboys, the andrew bird cd my brother gave me for christmas. as a corollary to this: music in general and singing along. i like to sing along. if you ever move in with me, you should know this. my friend steve told me this is why i hate american idol.

my family. living at home all summer with my parents who i love the most was probably the best idea i ever had. they cooked for me like every night. and rode bikes with me and canoed with me and listened to my endless analysis of olympic national park and whatever else came into my mind. and lent me their car. also i got to spend like two weeks in mexico with my aunt and uncle and cousins and cousin’s kids (second cousins?) and i like all those people very much. i miss them a lot. even the ones that fake cry. lila, you know who you are. and of course my brother, who is ridiculously tall but still pretty much funnier than your brother with better taste in music. and into good movies and books and things. one of my uncles rescued me from marin general after my bike accident. i also, at different times, got to hang out with all my grandparents and an aunt and uncle i rarely see and two of my other cousins, one of whom, now i’m remembering, was involved with the only time i did actually puke this year. okay so i wasn’t perfect all year. but if you are going to drink too much it should be with your family? next thing.

going to mexico twice in one year.


knowing places. i started knowing san francisco like i live there this year. also port angeles, washington. which is weirdly the opposite of san francisco. but it’s a place too. and i know it like a live there. finally. five years after it becomes my permanent address.

failing/rejection. i’m all about it. when i get home i bet i find three more rejection letters and at least one unreturned phone call. yes i also have one broken bike helmet and i haven’t vacuumed my room like ever. there is room for improvement. there are things i need to learn about. there are things i need to learn.

my cat giro. she’s like sixteen years old. i’m glad she isn’t dead yet.

making new friends. really. completely new friends.

writing things i am proud of. and reading them out loud in front of other people.

my new bike. sure it would have been sweet to get a new bike without the ambulance ride and losing my lovely old bike. i wouldn’t mind NOT having a bruise above my knee from, you know, september. but if it had to happen, well at least i got the best, fastest, most like a magically flying unicorn bike ever. and it led to me starting to build another bike, which is awesome. and one particular ride up to the top of potrero hill when i realized my bike went fast uphill too. i know i shouldn’t get attached to things, but i love my new bike.

not getting addicted to crack, becoming a teen mother or getting aids.

learning more about verbal phrases.

3:10 to yuma. 30 rock. most movies were soulless rushmore rip offs. even the ones by wes anderson. rock of love was on television. but not everything sucked. more examples: the wire and margo at the wedding.


el metate. the best burritos in the whole city, i don’t care what dan says.

teaching kids about creative writing.

no longer wasting money on cigarettes. no longer wasting my lungs with such depressing regularity.

lists as an acceptable structural choice in all types of writing.

tempering the bad choices with good ones. i didn’t drive drunk this year. or commit any other felonies. or flash minors at a halloween party. or make out with a cab driver. or make my brother cry. or have any major freak-outs. i was prescribed valium but i only took it twice. i flew to portland on two hours notice, sure, but i never overdrew my checking account!

that’s basically all i can think of right now. hopefully it isn’t too TOO happy. one needs to be at least slightly tortured to be a writer, right? i mean i did sort of fail a grammar test because i was obsessively thinking about the ONE TIME i got any action at all this whole year. and by fail i mean i got a b. because i was too busy writing “i had sex!” in the margins of the book of the girl next to me to take notes or even listen to the lecture. for about two weeks. seriously. i could grow up a little bit. and figure out some way to have sex more than once a year. some way that doesn’t involve the internet or compromising my ridiculous ideals. ridiculous ideals: i don’t want to sleep with people i don’t want to sleep with. i know. it’s a problem.

well tomorrow is new year’s eve. i might buy this neon orange baseball hat i’ve had my eye on, as sort of a salute to the so-far fabulous 2007 and the new mistakes i can’t even imagine yet that i will most definitely make in 2008.

happy new year.