between your sides

so pete came into town yesterday for new year’s eve. i am so used to majorly sucky new year’s eves that i like to keep my expectations very low and my plans pretty loose. we spent the afternoon hitting up all the port angeles hot spots: frugals for delicious cheeseburgers, ediz hook to eat the burgers, swain’s, where we both bought sweet hats and i got some gloves and pete purchased a usa-pride do-rag, ambrosia (the classy port angeles adult shop, not to be confused with the porn/firewood trailer off 101), angeles pawn, serenity house thrift store, where we priced stuffed deer heads, the dollar store, star video (still using their special brand of categorization which has donnie darko in “thriller,” the good girl in “comedy,” and short bus in “foreign”), and in four of the most disturbing minutes i have yet spent in port angeles, dragonrail, the magic card shop. it was like walking into the scene right before a murder-suicide. there were two little kids, like toddler-style, playing video games in one corner, surrounded by garbage, dorrito bags and pepsi cans. there was a vacuum cleaner sitting in the middle of the floor and strange (suspicious?) spots on the rug. the merchandise was set up on collapsible tables. the lady behind the desk pointed to a table in the back and said, “everything back there is 80% off, today only.” the store smelled like a very overweight man had eaten three buckets of kfc chicken wings in the back and then run around in circles for five minutes and then died of a heart attack. like a week earlier. we went to the back and looked at the sponge bob monopoly game and some sort of magic uv things and tried not to vomit on the products and then after we figured it was long enough for us not to get murdered in cold blood by leaving too quickly, we edged ourselves out the door, saying, “oh we’re just wandering around,” when the lady asked what we wanted.

oh port angeles.

after dinner pete and i went to peak’s pub and met up with about all the non-park people i know in pa. you know, the two hipsters and the four members of critical mass. in small towns the bars have everything. last night we saw, besides those people, in this one place: career alcoholics, a cop, sorority girls, big bearded hippies, a middle aged woman reading a novel in the corner, a guy in a suit, a woman in an evening dress, a guy in full bicycling gear and of course, us. we played darts and in the first game i killed pete but the next two he destroyed me. afterwards we followed my friends to a party in a warehouse, stopping for a quick ride in a shopping cart. the warehouse party was another incredibly eclectic event: underage goth kids graphically making out, a guy in fatigues, middle aged hippies taking pictures of each other, us. the dj was this old hippy taking about three minutes between songs. pete and i gave up and after midnight broke into crazy dancing like it was high school. i never knew pete was awesome at crazy dancing; that is a nice thing to learn about someone you like a lot already. at one point i accidentally punched him in the face. i believe he forgives me. finally everyone i knew was gone and we were basically the only people on the dance floor. so we walked back home in the insane cold, but it wasn’t too bad because we’d been dancing all night.

so maybe it was the best new year’s even i can remember.

anyway, tomorrow i am starting my protracted journey south. i’m reading the book oil! which the new movie, there will be blood, is based on. it’s a good book. in fact, i think i’ll go read some of it now. and also eat some ice cream. this year i will probably get to vote in my third presidential election. which is something, right? i’m a little excited.

you know what band is good still? cake.