trouble town

so i’m in portland. the usual. i’m staying on jade’s house which has basically been my beach house/mountain cabin since sophomore year of college. or maybe sixth grade. i owe her a LOT of rent money. and like 100 chicken patty sandwiches.

last night steve came over and we played scrabble and everyone gave up except for me. apparently they didn’t like their letters. i won, needles to say.

i’m going to go with kelly, jade’s roommate from WAY back who was with us in mexico approximately one year ago, to sweeney todd in a few minutes. steve’s coming too. it’s just like old times around here. i had to take my phone off silent so i don’t miss something. i think tonight when erica comes in to town i might even end up at chopsticks. erica, not my cousin but my friend since third grade. making jade the new kid. we’ve only been friends since fourth grade. chopsticks the notorious burnside karaoke bar of death. last time i was in town kelly and i sang “mmmbop.” this will not be a repeat of that night.

jade has a hamster named nuts. it is pretty strange.

oh and has anyone else seen the b.e.t. show “hell date”? pete and i discovered it when i was staying over at his parents’ in seattle the other night. it is sort of amazing. every show ends up with a midget in a devil costume poking his fork at people saying, “you on hell date!” why doesn’t anyone ever talk about b.e.t.? i’ll tell you why: you’re all racists.