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hillary clinton is the winner in new hampshire. i’ve been keeping an eye on it all evening. look, i sort of like hillary. it’s all the hillary-haters out there make me like her, to be honest, even my friends. they remind me of every kid at chs who said, “you only want girls allowed in the mr. spartan pageant because you want to be in it yourself.” OF COURSE I DID. and why is there something wrong with expressing desire for that recognition and glory, that boys are given carte blanche to fight for? why is is a problem that she is running a serious and tough campaign? like by campaigning hard she is acting desperate. give me a fucking break. isn’t that what she is supposed to do? part of the problem with the elections i’ve lived through so far has been democrats who don’t seem to want it enough.

i know she is pretty conservative and i know everyone my age is all about a make-out session with barack obama and i can’t say for sure who i will vote for in february. but i think hillary clinton is smart and i think she would probably make a good president. better than what we have now. better than a lot of the other options. and i respect her for fighting for it. so i’m glad she won in new hampshire. anyway, a close race is much more interesting.