wriggle up on dry land

do you know that there is a picture of me on the wall at chopsticks? there is, in my dinosaur costume.

there was this huge old man sitting next to me on the train. sleeping next to me. it was uncomfortable and now i am really tired.

i keep thinking about the guy i befriended at chopsticks who i thought was a hipster but turned out to be homeless maybe and probably a recovering drug addict. he was a really cool dude. i’m glad he wasn’t a hipster. because he was nice instead of being a dick, and middle school danced with me to “can you feel the love tonight” instead of putting creepy moves on me. as far as people i’ve met at bars go, he was top notch.

i realize inviting him back to hang out at jade’s was over the line. but it wasn’t like i was going to sleep with him! the dude was homeless! he didn’t have any where to go!

it’s raining here. i’m glad to be back.