dollar dollar bill

until my financial aid comes through i think i am too poor to leave my room. seriously. i even went grocery shopping at safeway. which is probably part of the problem. i’ve never actually been in the income bracket that is allowed to shop at whole foods, like i did all last semester. being as my income is zero dollars. i’ve been coming up with cheap ways to entertain myself. like shaving my legs. i’ve done that twice since i got home! and this morning i went swimming. which okay, costs money but i already paid it. i steamed some vegetables for lunch and also sauteed some chicken thigh meat. chicken thighs are cheap! so are vegetables! yesterday i sold some clothes at buffalo exchange (i made $11.73 which is probably close to the most i’ve ever made) and took my bike in for its free three month check-up. it was free!

other good ways to spend time for free: ride the bus places after you have a bus pass, watch music videos on youtube, try to get together eighty pages of writing for a contest. eighty pages is a lot. i have about sixty right now.

here for example, is something you can do for a couple minutes that is free. plus it has a message:

i just got the last disc of big love season two. i love that show. yesterday i finished the wire season 4. i cried. you know what’s fucked up? the system my friend, the system.