get your blue dress on

i had a very civilized adult evening tonight. first i went with clare-marie to a work function because her boyfriend was sick. i drank some wine and we had delicious appetizers. perfect because it was free. well, i tipped the bartender. then we went to the upper playground for a sweet art opening. it is in the lower haight, a very hip spot, and all the people were ultra cool and my age. something i don’t think i’ve experienced before at an art opening. people were drinking out of paper bags and there was a dj upstairs playing lauryn hill.

on my way home i ran into a nice girl i had class with last semester.

then i got home and read this article my brother sent me about lewis & clark from this week’s willamette week. it’s an interesting story about some guy sort of forcing himself on a girl and then some of the fallout. including the facebook group. oh lc. sometimes i am so proud to have gone to a school like you. so desperately far away from the real world. i’ve been trying to form some sort of opinion on this case but i can’t really. except i can’t stop feeling like something is missing. i’m not sure what but something. like the police. are the police involved?

anyway, it’s thursday night and the kids on the street are screaming. maybe because it’s bedtime. goodnight.