this morning i went swimming again. this is going to be that kind of entry. not much is going on. i’ve been stealing adam’s garlic and butter and lemon for my various cooking projects. all of which involve, besides the above ingredients, basil and cheese. i steamed some broccoli at lunch and realized i am 25 years old and i have NEVER STEAMED BROCCOLI BEFORE TODAY. well it’s done. it was pretty easy. and you know what tasted good on it? butter and lemon juice and cheese. weird. best ingredients ever. then i forced myself to go to the bike kitchen. for some reason i didn’t want to go. who knows why. the gravity of my room was very strong. but i pulled myself out the door and of course had an awesome time working on ghost rider two. or le ghost rider deux, because it is french. i used to be kind of scared of the guys that work there on saturday but now i sort of want them to be my husbands. all of them. even the loud guy. even the older guy. EVEN THE GERMAN. and you know how racist i am towards germans. one of the guys somehow remembers my name and when i was leaving he said, “are you leaving already lizzy?” holy shit. i almost fell to my knees and said, “i never ever will ever leave you ever!” except i don’t know his name so it is sort of awkward. but he helped me put on a gear shifter. and then another guy helped me put my rear derailleur and a chain on. i’m only doing a rear derailleur. it will be awesomer we decided. all i have left is to get a seat post, put the seat on, get some pedals and a tire. it’s so freaking cool you can’t even imagine. i wish it was next saturday right now. okay i could go on tuesday or wednesday or thursday but i’m sort of attached to the guys that work on saturday now. in case you missed that.

i can see the sunset out my window. we have sky here in california. i can feel the garlic seeping out of my skin. i’m pretty glad i’m back in san francisco. i can’t seem to stop pointing that out.