heaven in the headlights

thank god the weather isn’t so nice today so i could formulate a new life plan without getting distracted by sunshine. here are the tenets of me getting it together in 2008, still being worked out as i write it down:

1. game up and get the certificate to teach english composition. it will extend my time in graduate school, which can’t last long enough as far as i’m concerned, and seriously is a reasonable thing to have.
2. admit that yes maybe i am headed towards a life of being a teacher and maybe that is okay, even though it lacks piles of money and doesn’t usually involve oscar nominations.
3. apply for residency already. holy shit. it’s about time. there is no excuse for what i am unnecessarily paying in tuition.
4. get a very drastic haircut. enough of a haircut that i can donate my hair to cancer patients. i can’t stand looking at myself in the mirror anymore with these godforsaken pigtails.
5. get a very very part-time job besides my work-study job and focus most of my energy on getting a sweet summer job.
6. just deal with that fact that i don’t have to like everybody and not everybody has to like me.
7. finish the long long story i started last semester and not be scared to set up a meeting about it with my teacher.
8. do the funny/sexy/sad reading, not just talk about it.

occasionally it becomes necessary for me to make a new plan. like now when i’ve been walking around all week like charlie brown with only laps at the swimming pool to cheer me up. plans are really what it is all about. plans and approval. so now i am going to call my parents to elicit their approval. i went grocery shopping today again and later i think i might go see helvetica. plus i have two interviews set up for this week. thus it is proven. making plans helps everything.