i watched my very first debate tonight. which is pathetic i know; i should be more involved. so far all i can say is: edwards i am not voting for you. anyone who responds to the question, “what is your biggest weakness?” with “sometimes i am too compassionate” or some crap like that is not allowed to be president. otherwise okay i’m still not sure. obama and clinton seemed to pretty much agree on everything. nobody mentioned crack as a problem. in fact, edwards said the thing that needs to be done to fix the problems in the african american community is make more “second chance schools.” oh. the problem isn’t drugs. it isn’t crap schools. it isn’t all the fathers in jail. it isn’t complete alienation from the rest of the country or mothers on crack. it is: not enough second chance schools. seriously.

he also thinks all people who want to become citizens need to learn english. he thinks we should help them. yes. fund that edwards.

otherwise all the candidates seem to love the second amendment and don’t really seem to give a fuck about the kids getting shot in my neighborhood and all the similar neighborhoods in the country. they all gush about the troops and act like enforcing some statute about schools with no military recruitment losing out on government funds would help even out the disproportionate number of poor people in the army. yes. kids at harvard aren’t joining the army because they can’t find a recruitment office!

obama did say some good things about moving away from the politics of fear. clinton threw down the 9/11 card no problem.

they all love the middle class and poor people. they all promise to pull out of iraq.

edwards was by far the least convincing. somehow he reminded me of hannah montana. like faker than fake, so fake he can’t even hear the words he is saying. like he’s a myspace bulletin. as i’ve said, i’m over that guy.

clinton seemed the most serious and obama the most approachable. everyone on msnbc is saying clinton won. that’s fine with me. whoever wins i am making shirts.

you know who i would have liked to see? kucinich. i also wouldn’t have minded a little less jesus. hilary: i don’t believe that you believe in god. obama: you either.

anyway, i took notes if you have any questions about yucca mountain. tomorrow i am doing laundry. brad renfro: rest in peace.