here i am

really i think it is about time for school to start already. last night i went out to the latin america club and had a margarita. those margaritas are the perfect amount that when you finish one you are just tipsy enough to think you should get another one. and even though the second one was split three ways and even though i did laundry today and made food AND went to a job interview, i sort of feel like that second margarita wiped this whole day off the calendar. it happens. especially when you don’t have anything you have to do and the daily show from last night is on. okay, it may not have been the drink that negated january 17, 2008. it may have been cable tv. god damn. i need some DIRECTION. tomorrow i am taking CONTROL of my life. i’m changing my bank! i’m going swimming! i’m recycling all the paper i still have lying around from last semester! i’m going to buy envelopes and stamps! i am going to finish this f-ing story i started last year!

now however i am going to make dinner. the weather here is so good that even end-of-winter-break depression isn’t that bad. i’ve been sleeping with my window open. all the mexican restaurants in the neighborhood are endorsing obama.