random rules

i just fell asleep for like forty-five minutes. luckily pete called to ask what movie he should rent at the video store and so even though i was not coherent enough for suggestions, i didn’t sleep through saturday evening.

today i had world’s most frustrating bike day. first i rode around town looking for the size of seat post one of the bike guys told me i need. i finally found it and got to the bike kitchen and tried to put it in, but it was too big. not really a surprise. i should have asked three different mechanics their opinion on the situation before i bought anything. not that they aren’t all geniuses and helpful, it’s just occasionally they aren’t focused on or invested in the questions you ask them. so of course i still couldn’t find the right size seat post in their stuff so i figured i would move on to pedals. ONLY. no pedals fit my bike. you know why? it’s french. apparently the french hate america more than i originally thought because nearly EVERYTHING on my bike is a ridiculous size. none of the bike guys had a good idea of what to do. maybe get a new crank. great, this would mean undoing stuff i already did. couldn’t someone have alerted me to this earlier? okay well maybe they did. but still. so i decided to put on the back tire. BUT. the tube i have is the wrong size and the tire i picked was too thin and finally, before i started crying, i put my bike back and rode back to the bike store where i bought the seat post. there i returned the seat post, bought a new tire to match the front tire i already put on and asked them if there is anyway they know of to get french pedals. direct quote: “yeah if you get in a time machine and go back to france in the 1970’s, then MAYBE.”

they had to order the new seat post and when i got home i realize instead of crediting me the $16 for the original post i returned, the counter dude credited me $4 for it. what is with today today? i tell you what it is. the guy who knows my name at the bike kitchen left early before he could help me and comment on how sweet my bike is.

i guess this whole thing is teaching me patience. so my bike isn’t done tonight. when it is done, imagine how sweet it will be.

anyway, tomorrow i am going to go get the money thing fixed. and i just found french pedals on ebay for $50. should i buy them? i really want to. it would be so much cooler than putting on a new crank. anyway, i need to go buy some wine for a potluck i am going to later. i’m bringing the wine. i am horrible at cooking for potlucks. i guess that proves i have a bad mother.