i saw there will be blood today. yes all i do is watch movies. i believe that is what god invented money for. i still haven’t quite finished the book it is based on (oil! by upton sinclair) but i am pretty sure the book is better. this message for ian- read the book dude, and then we can discuss it. i did like the movie a lot. i mean it was intense and beautiful and stuff. but i’m still not sure what it is about. i know what the book is about. and i know maybe sort of what i think it is about. but i am perplexed by a couple big-time scenes, mainly one involving an in-home bowling alley. which was, by coincidence, my favorite scene. but still. perplexing.

anyway, i don’t have too much time left too see ALL of the good movies so i can be properly horrified by the oscars. it’s a family tradition.

otherwise, i went out to breakfast with adam this morning and did work with amira. pretty low-key. tomorrow is martin luther king junior day! do you think that means there will be a lot of people at the pool? depending on how things turn out, maybe i will know that by this time tomorrow.