i don't like this line of questioning

i finished my story today. it’s basically awful and also if it was ever published i would lose like three friends, minimum. which reminds me. it would make me feel a lot less guilty if all you people out there who have either a) ever drank alcohol with me or b) ever touched your tongue to mine or even better c) both, would just email me and say, “dear lizzy, i just wanted to send you a note saying i am totally okay with you using our experiences together in any story you may write. i realize you may make me look like a jerk a little bit, maybe you will even change details about me to make me look stupider than i actually am, but because i love you and respect art and the constitution and your inalienable american right to tell whatever stories you want to, i will never get angry about your portrayal of someone that may (or of course, since you mainly write fiction, may NOT) be me. or if i do get angry, i won’t get end of the world angry. by which i mean i won’t sue you or anything. oh and by the way, you are the greatest.”

anyway, i went swimming today also and made chicken and broccoli for lunch. i’m completely in love with armchair apocrypha by andrew bird by the way. i listen to it four or five times a day. that and “the sweetest girl” by wyclef. also i bought the pedals. i got the guy down to $45 at least. and i bid on a crappier pair before i decided to by them. which was stupid. so if anyone needs french pedals, i might be coming into sort of a windfall soon. thank goodness i start school on friday. i can’t take much more of this leisure time.